Cuckoo – A open source malware analysis platform

In this post I’ll be covering  an awesome open source solution, which is named after Cuckoo.

Cuckoo is a very modular platform used for managing sandboxes and automatizing malicious file analysis. As any other open source platform, it is supported by a community and have most of it’s components developed by it’s supporters and users. Putting the lack of a “professional” support question aside, the platform itself is in a very stable version, I can tell that by being a tester myself and mostly because I’ve set a production environment with this platform at my current job.

The usage of the tool is very intuitive and user friendly, including the way the platform shows the results of the analysis, you doesn’t need to be an reverse engineering expert to understand what it says after a job is done. The not so easy part is of course the installation, being that modular you will be dependent of other tools and it’s dependencies, which may lead you into some hard time.

People at have set up this solution so anyone on the internet can use it on the go, I highly recommend you trying it out if you are interested on Cuckoo. As for this post my goal was only to cover a brief intro about this great tool, I’m working in a detailed tutorial on the installation process for this platform and will be posting it soon!



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